5/11/24 I added new item to wardrobe AND a new blog post!
5/10/24 Guess whos back!!!!! I got the stupid blog to work. With way less code than I thought. God.
2/12/24 First entry!!!! Wax seal by pch.vector on Freepik
2/9/24 makin blog section finally... gonna set up the rest and do some javascript magic later. Book image by jannoon028 on Freepik
1/13/24 I got the skin tones to work!!! Now to draw hair and figure out the drag & drop.
1/12/24 been drawing stuff for dress-up game off & on... got base JS to work but cant figure out tones.
1/10/24 added to wardrobe! I begin my classic transformation...
1/1/24 HAPPYY NEW YEARS! still hacking away at my site because I had no plans. added Remys & Zoes pic on snaps. Added essays.
12/31/23 updated snaps
12/30/23 Adding links & pop up cards to closet page, updated about me, updated snaps
12/27/23 Quit hotlinking lol, added snaps page
12/20/23 I got added to Cutie club & Cult of Usakumya!
12/19/23 Added this page, updated EGL page, added closet portal and closet. WHAT IN THE LITERAL FUCK IS WRONG W THE TABLE IN ABOUT????? It cannot exist in harmony with the damn nav bar. The borders dont load in brave browser. hm.
12/18/23 Revamped EVERYTHING. Redrew zombie, edited logo. damask background creds goes to GarryKillian. Can someone tell me why the literal fuck inline-block elements HATE padding????
6/24/23 Fully implemented Figures page (now dolls page)... thanks Wakey!!!!
6/22/23 Worked my ass off trying to get the zombie right, Thanks Doremi for helping me
6/21/23 Main page graphics drawn & digitized!!!
3/19/20 Creation... layed dormant for three years.